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The DSU Computer and Information Technology 4-Year Degree program offers an emphasis in Visual Technologies (or VT). The VT emphasis is for students interested in graphic arts, graphic design, desktop publishing, Illustration, computer graphics, web development, multimedia development, and digital video development. In the paragraphs below you will find descriptions of each of these fields as well as many of the job requirements employers are requesting. Additionally, you will find DSU course listings next to the job requirements. These course listings correspond to specific courses that teach the skills employers seek. Please take the time to browse through these careers and course offerings below. We also invite you to come in and test drive the latest in computer hardware and software and explore your own creative and technical abilities while you learn with us at Dixie State University’s Visual Technologies program.

Graphic Design

The practice or profession of designing print or electronic forms of visual information, as for an advertisement, CD, publication, or website. The Visual Technologies courses that teach graphic design include:

Job requirements include:


Artists design illustrations, generally using computers. An illustration is a visual representation, type, picture, design, symbol, emblem, or diagram, that are used to represent or make some subject more pleasing or easier to understand. The Visual Technologies courses that teach illustration include:

Job requirements include:

Web Development

Web developers build web sites. Web developers are at times artists doing interface designs and conceptualizing a project and they are also programmers or system administrators writing code and managing all the elements of a web site. Web developers are interdisciplinary in nature, meaning they must possess a combination of code skills as well as artistic and interface design skills, among other things. Since web development is interdisciplinary, the courses offered to DSC students through the CIT program are from the CS, CIS, and VT programs. The specific CIT courses that teach web development include:

Job requirements include:

Multimedia Development

Multimedia is the combined use of media, such as text, graphics, video, sound for education or entertainment. The end products of multimedia development include movies, music, DVDs, CD-ROMs, radio, print, television, and the Internet. The Visual Technologies courses that teach multimedia development include:

Job requirements include:

Digital Video

Digital video developers plan, script, capture, produce, manage, and edit digital video projects for CD, DVD, and the Web. The Visual Technologies courses that teach digital video skills include:

Job requirements include:

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